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In review of a Kitchen Design.

One of the first projects, and favorites, that I designed when I first was completely Jamie House Design is this full house remodel in a great inner Houston neighborhood. Right near everything. A Houston Rocket next door. Great neighborhood. And the house is original to it. The owners didn't want to tear down and build giant, like nearly every other house on their street. And you know I loved this. I love an old ranch house. The rambling floor-plans are of my dreams. I never professionally photographed this project sadly. But I'll walk you through the kitchen design with my phone shots. 

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My Living Room

Since I shared the space that inspired my living room I should share with you my living room. I LOVE this house. I feel personality in architecture and space and our house is very matronly and sweet. She's not fancy, but she's caring & comfortable. 

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The Jamie House Design Studio

Our office is what can only be described as a tiny house in the Montrose district. It's the perfect size for us. I kept everything white. We deal with so much color and pattern that to have anything but white makes me feel chaotic. It's a welcome respite from the samples laying around. 

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