Trade Secrets: For measuring.

This may not be a secret so much as a new product that was just given to me by a builder after watching me PAINFULLY measure out an entire house with a tape measurer. It took forever and had me questioning life. The house didn't have AC, I saw a rat, I'm fairly certain I experienced a paranormal experience. I was not in a happy place. I want just positive I needed to hire someone to handle this stuff for me. I mean, no one wants to pay me at my rate to measure out a house. 

Introducing The Bosch laser measure! {Technically Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit} It even comes with a little case to hold it on your belt {next to your phone holster I presume. Ahem contractors. Mine can remain happily in my purse}

*I have to measure houses if there's no original floorplan. This enables me to make floorplans and drawings for permitting and construction. Architects aren't the only profession that changes floorplans, ahemmm. Did you know in Texas that anyone can design and have a house built, no credentials or specific degree required? CRAZY. 

OK I know this isn't exciting or fun particularly. That seems to be interior design though, it seems fun & flashy but really it's a bunch of construction sites and paperwork. This laser measure has changed my life (& I'm not being dramatic at all). It's fun. I measured my house last night, for fun. It's easy to figure out and weighs A LOT less than a 30' tape measurer. It can even do area and volume. Excellent. If you're in the market for an easier way to measure large distances this is it. Your welcome ;)