Friday Back When.


"Color is your most effective means of creating an attractive room. And the least expensive. Marvelous colors are available in low-priced as well as rich fabrics; unlimited in paints."

"Dare to show courage and your personal taste in selecting color. Pay no attention to what colors are fashionable. If you are too timid, you risk dullness. By adhering to the principles of color harmony you can feel confident."

"Even practicality is no longer an issue. Luxurious-looking off-white tones are possible as basic colors today due to the basic fabric finishes and easily maintained floorcoverings."

"Any color that you feel is right for you can be the starting point of your color scheme!"

Next Friday I'll have more illustrations with more detail about color & daring to not be "dull"! Also next week I'll be sharing my house in the current state that it's in. No staging, just embarrassing mess & plans for how I'm going to design it. I'm like the accountant that doesn't do their taxes;) We can finish up our homes together in time for the holidays!