JHD Weekender, 1.

In an effort to be more present and communicative than I have been I'm creating some weekly columns on ye old blog. One thing about blogging about interiors is that it's not my entire life, I like talking about other things. So in that vein I'll be posting a weekly column about the interesting articles and such that I've run across during the week. In an ideal world we'd discuss them, so if you're inclined do please comment. {I'll turn comments on for these posts only} 

As an American expat in Berlin I'm obsessed with the current state of affairs in the US. It's mostly all I read right now. But of course fashion, design, parenting, recipes (!!) are also right up there as my favs. 

Here we go...

  • Examining Italy and Italianness through the lens of fashion
  • Secrets found under Picasso's blue period paintings. Turns out he was just a regular human after all. Refreshing. 
  • Tips for communicating while traveling in countries that don't speak your language. Seriously I'm thankful everyday to know English. While not everyone knows it, of course, it is very common to find someone that does almost anywhere. That said, don't take advantage of that and remain respectful.
  • We've got to do something about toxic masculinity and I'm starting with my son. 
  • Good news Berliners! There are loose plans to rid us of the dependence on paper. Whew. And finally. 
  • The internet has been a buzz with Katharine Hepburn's brownie recipe. It's simple. And it really is good. 
  • It's been cold and is expected to get colder. I'm making and eating comfort foods like I'll never have to wear a swimsuit again. This hand pie recipe is on deck. 
  • Hey Houston Tribute Goods is having MoodxMoss back for aura photography. I'll be in town this time so I'm definitely signing up. 
  • And I'd be remiss if I didn't share one article from the indescribably terrible shooting in Florida. I'm with these kids. The answer isn't arming teachers. The answer isn't training kids how to handle a shooting. The answer isn't mental healthcare, although I'm not against that in any way. The answer is simply gun regulation. This opinion piece is spot on. 

Hope you enjoyed a bit of what I've been into this week. Please share your favs, I'd love to read what you're loving right now. Bon weekend!