JHD Weekender, 2.

Here we are at the weekend already! I meant to have another blog done. Next week. This has been a cold cold week in Berlin. But it's sunny and dry and that makes the cold bearable. Happily JHD is moving right along into the new month. We're designing a kitchen redo, a nursery, finishing up a new build, a spec house and doing final touches on an engineering office. I'm planning a ton of photography to be done on my next trip to Houston. I wrapped up some business loose ends and have some new collaborators on board to push me to the next level. Our newsletter goes out on Monday so make sure you're signed up for that. It's good to be us. 

Now onto it. Some serious, some design industry related, and some fun & helpful articles await. 

  • Monica Lewinsky and how she is relating to the current #metoo movement. Thoughtful insight from a woman who has been through the worst American media has to offer.
  • While this article addresses Architects specifically, replacing architect with Interior Designer makes it exactly relevant to our business. There is a massive unknowing in the public about what we even do as our daily jobs. That's our fault.
  • A guide to using food to get out stains among other things. Incredibly helpful.
  • Jeff Goldblum is absolutely fascinating and endlessly inspirational. In the wake of sexual harassment allegations it's interesting to see people describe him as flirtatious and loving women, yet no one is accusing him of inappropriate behavior. He's brilliant.
  • Carolina Irving's Paris apartment, this is an oldie but I've been coming back to it often lately. While I'm in a more minimal phase in my life, brought on by my two year old son and my desperate need for order, I do love this sort of collected lived in way of life.
  • The heartbreaking truth of how Vets view themselves and the end of their life. I mean, heartbreaking. Worth the read. The more we know the more we can do to help. 
  • The solitude artists seek is constantly challenged in our fully connected 24/7 world. I battle it daily, the deep urge to be alone with my work but the need to communicate and show myself on social media. It's a profound discussion. 
  • Talking architecture trends. I see trends as helpful in knowing what's to anticipate but otherwise I pretty much ignore them. 
  • Vatican nuns are speaking out against being taken advantage of within the Catholic Church. Fascinating read. 
  • “That blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs,” she says. “And it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room.” In reality, it was selected by Pantone. How color trends emerge. My favorite article this week.
  • Interesting discussion about a play taking place currently in Berlin and Munich. I try to keep up with details about where Berliners are finding themselves these days. Berlin is very much a city in transition, searching for a solid identity. The original residents are caught in the middle of it.

Now get out and enjoy your city this weekend!