Wynn Encore Vignettes

I was in Vegas for the latter part of last week taking part in the Bold Summit (Business of Luxury Design). It was great. It was exhausting. What is it about Vegas that is so exhausting? I slept for days afterwards and believe me there were no "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" moments for me. I witnessed those moments for others, but I was there to work. 

Of course staying at the Wynn Encore is itself sensory overload for a designer. It was beautiful and tastefully tacky all at once. The hall to the conference rooms is excruciatingly long. I wore flats and brought my cute shoes, the walk is killer. Along the way are gorgeous vignettes though. Beautiful studies in accessorizing. So many perfectly symmetrical and others perfectly asymmetrical. Just really tastefully done vignettes. Here are my shots from my phone of a few of them. 

Isn't the attention to detail stunning? The scale of each of these is really very large, it's hard to see that in these shots. I have a lot of respect for Roger Thomas and his team to pull off such tasteful interiors on a grand scale. 

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